WELCOME! The piano is a unique instrument.  With more than seven octaves, the piano can create a wider range of sounds than almost any other instrument!  In my studio we work with acoustic grand and vertical pianos, as well as digital pianos.  Students begin reading notes almost from their first lesson, and we work on proper technique, expression, music theory, sight-reading, lead sheet reading, and accompanying skills.  My students grow to be well-rounded, versatile pianists, as well as skilled performers. Come join us!

Mid Cities Music Teachers Association Fall Solo Festival!

  • Nia, Arya, Jenessa, and Ishan earned Superior. 
  • Talia, Angela, and Alvin earned Superior + and performed on the Honors Recitals.



November 22-27

Thanksgiving Break 

(No Lessons)


December 11th, 1:00-2:30 PM


Winter Recital & gift exchange

Irving North Christian Church

December 13-18

Semester Make-ups

End of semester. Winter break.


Traveling Beethoven

Our traveling Beethoven is at home with Jayden and his cat Jim, inspiring them for the month of November!

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